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How I get cheap airfare

I feel that one of the many questions on travel that I receive every day or every conversation that I have with a new person is about the flight costs. How do I find flights so cheap? When friends hear my entire trip to Thailand included airfare and was under 1500$ they were shocked. To me it was shocking that it is generally assumed that overseas flights cost that much. I couldn't imagine being willing to pay that to go somewhere.

While I am by no means an expert on this topic, I thought I could at least share some of my own methods of finding cheap flights for my travel.

My very first step in any situation is to use incognito browsing. This keeps websites from realizing you are searching a specific flight. Did you know that websites use cookies to track what flights you are looking at? This means they can sometimes jack the cost up 100-200$ extra hoping to make more off of you not being savvy enough to check elsewhere. Most phones will allow you to swap over to incognito browsi…

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