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When darker things come out to play

There will be times when the lights dim.The stars will no longer light the sky For there are no stars that wander down here, little soul.
Here is more grotesque More morbid More visceral.
Here is the place you will come when your humanity has left you So that you can caress marred flesh on gritted mud With no light to cast reflections off pale silvered perfection. Those things do not live here, little soul.

Not here. Cast aside that which is unflawed And take up the pelt of another creature From another world. Leave altars in your wake, Trails of stench water from bogs, And more crimson liquids cascading behind you; A marked path leading the way to your core.

Here you will grow crooked nails with shards of bone To crawl along the ground in deformity Releasing guttural sounds in worship to a deity too ancient to speak any words uttered by human tongue. Little soul, do you realize now?

It is not time to light the fires Not now We can burn away the grime Another day. Wallow a little longer, Bathe in the darker th…

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