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EG - A tour in Luxor, Egypt

In the darkness of the day, before Nut has birthed the flaming orb to create dawn, we crawl out of our beds each morning. Our intention is to avoid the 115 degree heat that will engulf the Sahara desert by the afternoon.

Our balloon rises and as I look around the realization is made for me by the captain of our balloon - "We are the highest point in the Valley of Kings, no other balloon is higher than we are right now"

My heart flutters as we watch the sun burst across the horizon, filling the sky with colour. This is what we came for. This very moment has filled my thoughts for months awaiting this moment. It was the pictures online that made me want this so badly. Other balloons dot the sky around us and before I know it we are heading towards a field of sugar cane to land.

Now it is time to explore tombs and temples. We are expertly guided from place to place by Amel, an Egyptologist. She is herding us like a mother bear with cubs, always careful that we are in tow behin…

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