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4/14/2020, 1214PM - Lexi

14 years
A life time of the purest love Compressed, compartmentalized  Down to fit inside the ribcage Of such a tiny being
I often wonder How the gods Managed that

The yin and yang of my world I was unbalanced without both And became whole when you came together. She is my sun And you are my moon
How can the world continue Without it's night? How do days turn Without the lunar cycle? Tell me, my moonlit angel, How can time begin moving again? When everything is frozen, a continuum shattered because for me this is world altering Little angel, tell me how
Remind me how breath can return to my lungs as I choke on the amount of love bleeding into my chest
Remind me how to close the wound lest I bleed out and lay in a pool of my own innards, unable to regather myself
Remind me how I will be strong against the terrors that reign in the darkest spaces of my mind without your presence to hold them at bay
Remind me how to live, because the sun of my life still needs me

A veil so thin separating worlds Flickering a …

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