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GR - A trip to the Acropolis

It's been a busy month so far and I haven't been as active here. As I work on my other writing projects my mind drifts to Greece.

Specifically Athens and the short lived jaunt with two of my favorite women through ancient structures and chasing the perfect gyro. Spoiler alert: I found it.

 Lauren and I began our journey in America together from JFK airport. We grabbed a standby flight because she works as a flight attendant. We easily navigate various trains that she knows her way around by heart. This is the route she takes to get to work regularly. While it seems complex to me, it turns out the route is listed in Google maps. I try to remind myself how to complete this backwards, since I'll be alone on my way back. We board our flight with no issues and I relax while in route to Copenhagen. Standby flights don't seem so nerve wracking as Lauren had told me they could be.

 Upon arrival in Copenhagen, things are getting tight and we begin to fear missing a fligh…

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