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Virginia, is it me you're looking for?

Change is inevitable but it's something I've always fought to avoid.  For whatever reasons 4 years ago I turned my life around. I dropped everything I had ever known and decided to start over 1000 miles north. I didn't know the kind of growth it would bring me or how long I'd be there.
I remember thinking that it was the only real move that I would make though. This new place was going to be my forever home. So only 3 years later, why did I have itchy feet? Why has the entirety of this last year been so difficult?

Itchy feet...uggh...that sure brings my mind back to present.
I gently work the sand spurs out of my feet as I stare at the water lapping the shore. This is Chesapeake Bay, Virginia. Fort Monroe was a military base and all of where I now sit was once off-limits to the public. Now it's a beach with free access and free parking. The climate is mild and the wind is playing with the sand. The sun shines down and warms me and everything feels beautiful. But m…

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