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Water Fasting Journals Day 19-25

If you haven't taken a look yet, I suggest reading my prior posts regarding this water fast. You can find the first post with day 1-10 as well as information and links about fasting here. You can find my journals for day 11-18 here. This is a continuation of my series.

Day 19 - I regret that there is not much to advise about this day, given that I slept through the majority of it. The only notable thing I feel worthy of report is that the nausea has continually grown worse and is no longer workable with the pill I was using.

Day 20 - At the mark of 20 straight days, I broke fast. I did so out of plan and with no regards to everything I'd heard about what to eat. It was foolish and could've hurt me and I'm grateful it didn't. I got a caeser salad and chewed everything thoroughly before swallowing. I ate a little over 1/4 of the salad. The nausea went away nearly immediately and while I was unhappy to have broken, I was relieved the nausea was gone.

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