USA - Visiting New England

I just got back from a trip to the Northeast, specifically Springfield/Holyoke area in Massachusetts. Let me just tell you, I loved it! I'm thinking of moving there next. They have beautiful state parks and all the restaurants are big into local food. They buy most of the products they sell from local farmers. It's a green/local movement to keep it in town and stimulate the economy where it counts, right at home! They had a lovely farmers market downtown that I went to, with fantastic bread (squash and zucchini bread was the best!). I noticed that a lot of places there are dog friendly too, and you can walk just about anywhere...lots of bike access too! I really enjoyed it there. Monday I arrived and spent the night settling in.

Tuesday I visited the farmer market and had some local dining. I also visited small shops and a book store where I found two of the best books! One is history for women about world culture and civilization, the other is a history of symbolism in all cultures, dating back to Sumerian time.

 Pretty neat! Both were only 15$ together, and they were HUGE books. Here, they would've cost 20$+ at a used book store. Gas and living price in general is much more expensive there but you tend to walk more so I guess it makes up for it. Wednesday I got some reading done and visited my sister's high priestess to introduce myself and learn a bit about the culture and history of Springfield and the northeast in general.

Thursday I hit the state park, Mt. Tom, and hiked 5 miles. Talk about sore the next day! I was overzealous and got lost on the trail. I managed to get some beautiful shots though.


  1. go next february. google "average snowfall springfield ma". raz

  2. Haven't been there in february. But I did live in Chicago and Sioux Falls, South Dakota when I was younger. I do enjoy the snow! It'll be interesting to see how well I can handle it with my new vehicle. :)


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