Fighting the post-travel blues

You spent a few weeks, maybe a few months in paradise.
Everything was beautiful, perfect..

it was an experience you'll never forget.

How do you readjust to the concrete jungle of big city life again?
I think we've all come to that particular issue.

I hear it among my traveling friends a lot, so I want to share how I avoid the depression of post-travel.

I choose to find the magic and awe of where I am.
If I'm unfamiliar with that, I do what I would do if I was overseas.

I go to Dr. Google and ask where are the most "need to see" waterfalls in my area.
I make weekend trips to see the beauty of my home area.

I spend time meditating in nature and grounding back to myself.

Another step I take is to recreate habits I made that I loved while on vacation.

In Koh Tao I had found a fruit stand that made the best fruit smoothies I'd ever tried. So I recreated the morning smoothies I became accustomed to while overseas.

 In Egypt, I fell in love with having hot tea regularly, so while back in the United States I tried to huddle up at tea houses and remember the warmth created from a good cuppa.
Little things brought me joy.
Simplicity brings me joy.

What do you do to settle back in once you're home again?


  1. we hung clothes out as kids. the irony is that they sell detergent now to give our clothes that sun smell. we put over 30.000. miles a year on our car. every body lives hours away. when traveling we leave way early and take different routes. we visit all kids of stuff on the way. if someone puts a little sign out we stop. the smaller the sign the better. big signs you stand in line and buy stuff made in china. we can go to walmart for that.

    glad to see you are doing well, i worried when i didn't hear from you for months.

    ice cream. raz

    1. It seems crazy that they sell that smell, gives a whole new meaning to saying you could bottle and sell a smell! It does make a difference though in how they smell. I notice when I return from the creek I have always been told my hair has a "naturey smell" that I attribute to being in natural water. I think too much city drains us. The long way is the scenic way!


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