TH - Following the locals and how to appease my inner foodie

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I have always heard this said of any place that is touristy, but it rings true.

If you want good, authentic, cheap food... follow the locals. They know where it's at.

 When we walked down a lengthy pier
that probably would've been condemned in America
because of its dangerous condition..

the path to the pirates bar

We found the best food

dinner with friends

 It was cheap, and delicious.
We sat on the floor around a table and enjoyed food and delicious company. The view was over the bay.

thailand village path

The secret is to walk the long path, where no one goes.

Slow down, enjoy the view.

dinner on the beach

That is where you will find the good food.
Most locals can't afford to spend what the tourists are spending.
Because of this you will be able to find affordable food that is authentic and amazing.

garden salad

This garden salad was from a place that was on a side road off the main street. I paid roughly 4$ for it. It was the most expensive food I'd gotten on the trip so far.

Bangkok mango and rice

In Bangkok, a small side store had a giant fruit stand outside. It appears to sell only fresh fruit but there was a massive line of locals walking out with little boxes. That is a good sign that there's something delicious inside. This dish is sliced mango with sticky rice and coconut milk with a crunchy topping.

tea and biscuits

 I liked that things were served on wooden plates, it gave more charm to the experience.

lunch on a cutting board

While this food had the best presentation of any of the food I ate on the island, it was not actually the best. It was at a restaurant that was really only popular because of it's location. It was prominent, and full of tourists. It was not bad food- but it was not excellent and it was not cheap.

In the end, I can't tell you where all the food places are. But I can tell you that you'll want to see where everyone else is going. In Bangkok it's super easy: Around dinner time or right before - food stalls start showing up everywhere. You just walk the streets and grab something. Some stands sold nearly a pound of varied fruit for 2$ and it was pre-cut in a bag for you. I got some and I literally ate for 10 hours off that one bag of fruit because I couldn't eat it all in one sitting.

 A few places I do recommend in Koh Tao near Chalok Baan Kaok though:

Fruit stand- On the main street near the laundry place with bikes out front you will see a fruit stand. I don't recall the name but everyone will know what you're talking about if you ask anyone. They sell fruit shakes for between 40-120B. It is cheap and wonderful and if you want to be ecofriendly you can bring your own container that they will pour the shake in.

Babaloo Bar and Restaurant- it is down a narrow pier which I do not recommend walking on while drunk. I learned this the hard way. The food is delicious and very well priced. I had a wonderful salad and my friends tried the fish of the day, snapper.

I Love Salad Cafe - They are off on a side street and serve delicious and beautiful salads for reasonable prices.

Blue Sea - It is a walk inland but it is authentic food. They cook everything out back and it was some of the most delicious thai food I have ever tasted. It is extremely cheap as well. Our dive instructor is the one that told us about the place, we would have never walked this far to look for food.


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