TH - Travel to Thailand for under 1500$

Dreamy banana smoothies every day
Fresh mango and sticky rice smothered in sweet coconut milk
Meeting new people with amazing stories from their cultures
Learning to love the ocean in a whole new way -
From underneath it!

 It is possible to travel on a budget and still see beautiful things and enjoy amazing food.
My total Thailand budget was 1500$ and that included my flight, accommodation, food, scuba classes, bus/metro/train/ferry costs.

My itinerary looked like this: 

Flight, round trip 669.15$ USD:
Flight from my city to Chicago (I left Saturday morning around 5AM)
Chicago --> Narita/Tokyo Japan
Narita --> Bus to Haneda (30$ USD)
Haneda --> Bangkok, Thailand (arrived at 5AM Monday)

Travel insurance: 36.85$ USD 
Some people get it, some don't. I knew we'd be diving and that accidents happen. I preferred it.

Metro, meal, and shopping for necessities: 35$ USD
My friend met me at the airport and we took the metro into town to begin our morning. My first meal upon arrival was mango and sticky rice with coconut milk. It was a good way to break the day in.

Next we began meandering through town, via our feet and the metro as we hunted for things I had needed but didn't bring with me. I spent roughly 35$ USD on things like a backpack (I had brought a horrible dufflebag that was uncomfortable to carry), flip flops, a wallet that was more appropriate than me shoving money in my bra, and various hygiene items.

Massage: 15$ USD or 500THB for 2 hours
After a monstrous flight, everyone can use a massage. I recommend Arunda as they are not a shady place and offer amazing massages. We got a 2 hour package and it was very professional and private. I had never had my feet washed before and they use an herbal smelling soap that was just absolutely refreshing on my weary tootsies.

They slipped on comfy slippers and we went upstairs to our massage-beds. The beds themselves are actually really comfortable. As a girl that has a pretty heavy top half, I usually find that I am uncomfortable laying face down. That was not the case on this bed.

2 hours later and I felt like a champion.
We were left to put our clothes back on and rinse off if need be. There was a private bathroom/shower combo outside the room. I loved the smell of the massage oil so I honestly didn't want to rinse it off.

Downstairs, in a quaint little garden that was very zen-filled for me, we had hot tea near a small fountain.

3 bags of fruit and a thai tea frappe: 4$ USD
Along the way we found a stand selling cut up fruit in bags. I purchased 3 bags of fruit - Pineapple, papaya, and cantaloupe for about 2.50$ USD total. Fruit is so full of fiber that it actually took me the remainder of the night and into the next day to finish those bags. I kept munching on them for a grande total of 12 hours. I didn't end up needing any other food.

Transportation round trip: 115$ USD
Next we headed to the train station. We grabbed thai iced tea frappes and relaxed as we waited. We had purchased a combination ticket of overnight train, ferry to Koh Tao island. The round trip was about 115$ USD, we ended up taking the ferry and a bus on our return as opposed to a train.

I slept like a rock on that overnight train, exhausted from traveling with so little sleep.
It was an experience I won't soon forget.

Odd expensive breakfast: 4$ USD
We spent more than we really wanted to on toast and eggs for breakfast. There was only the one place available to eat at the train platform in Chumphon, and our bus was not going to be there to take us to the ferry for a while. This meal cost nearly 4$.

Diving: Open Water (3 days):  295$ USD

We went to a place that offered a discount on accommodation if you went diving at their school. Their maximum class size was 4 and that was ideal because our group was a hand full for our instructor! It was an enjoyable and memorable experience I'll never forget.

Accommodation Total (Koh Tao and Bangkok): 38$

I stayed in a hostel in Bangkok, and we got the diver discount on our accommodation in Koh Tao, with a decent view. The picture above is from our porch in Koh Tao.

Misc budget: 190$ USD

This included the metro back and forth through Bangkok multiple times, eating lots of yummy food, getting flat wasted while bar hopping the entire beach of Chalok Baan Kao Bay and I purchased a beach dress off a street vendor. I didn't even use up all of this 190$ budget, I had some left over at the end. Someone being more frugal would do better.

Total: 1402$ USD


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