Water Fasting Journals Day 11-18

This post is a continuation of my previous post on water fasting which you can read here. I suggest looking at it first as it contains information and links that you may find both useful and assist in understanding this post.

There are some links towards the bottom where I mention food addiction - these links lead to studies about food addiction and overeating.

Day 11 - (weight 253.lbs) Acid reflux is beginning to rule my life, I'm not sure if this is a result of something detoxing in my system, or if this is something some people just experience. I'm not the kind of person that typically gets acid reflux. It's caused me to drink less water, because the more I drink the worse it gets. I had a coworker grab me some lime seltzer at the cafe, hoping water in a different form would help. It did seem to stave it off.

My tongue is orange and gross, I woke up with an awful metallic taste and my teeth covered in grime. No matter how much I brush, it comes back. I don't understand where the orange is coming from, at first I thought it was my tea, but I haven't drank tea in days now. Strange indeed.

Today is only a 6 hour work day, and I end up going home exhausted still, and ready for bed. My poor boyfriend has literally done everything around the house. I'm relatively useless at this point. My energy levels are catastrophically low. I'm always able to complete my work, but beyond that it's like my body just does the minimum acceptable to get by.

Day 12 - The metallic taste seemed less today, but the orange is still prevalent. It looks like a layer of orange and white fuzz all over my tongue. I brush it vigorously but it returns within an hour usually.

I spend most of the day in bed, managing only to get up and vacuum and cook a quick meal for my boyfriend. He was going to make ramen from the package, mentioning that he doesn't understand what I do to make it so good but he prefers when I make it. I explain to him that it's all in how the eggs are made and when they are put in. I end up showing him as I cook the entire thing. I grill onions with a drizzle of olive oil and once caramelized I toss an egg in, allowing the whites to cook but not the yolk before I dump the noodles and half of the packet of flavoring in before stirring vigorously as it continues to cook. A few drops of sriracha and it's done. He can't handle sriracha like I can, so I only give him a tiny bit just for flavor enhancement.

Even that little effort made me sleepy, so I lay down and continue my Netflix binging for the rest of the day. I desperately miss the social aspect of eating, and find it difficult to not go on our typical "Saturday date" because I can't eat. He promises a wonderful date night once I'm done fasting, but it makes me sad regardless. I know that even if I wanted to eat anything I'd frozen in the fridge it wouldn't even be possible now. Not without going into a refeeding catastrophe.

I sigh and try to focus on new shows and movies. At least I have the next 3 days off, so that I can fully rest and not work. This fast is proving to be a test of my resolve. I am winning so far though.

Day 13 - (weight 251.8lbs) It is incredible that I've made it this far. My mouth is full of metallic garbage and my tongue is still bright orange. I'm baffled by this phenomenon. Daily exhaustion and fatigue are eating me alive. I manage to make myself go to church through sheer willpower alone. I want to see my friend who is fasting with me, as she also attends. She is five days behind me but doing wonderful. She mentioned a drink a couple of days ago that is an electrolyte drink recommended by Doctor Fung. I've become a fan of his fasting research and information. If Dr. Fung backs it, it's legit in my eyes.

She mentions that she can see the drain on me, and I know I am pale. I'm miserable the entire service and feel like I shouldn't have come. On the other hand I am desperate for social interaction and this is the only way I know to get any of it today. I will my stomach and acid reflux to just survive the service.

I buy chocolate pops to support the youth group, but they don't even appeal to me. My stomach has stopped caring about food, all it - all we want is to feel better. Food doesn't even matter anymore. I throw the pops in my bag and remind myself that I should put them in the freezer for safe keeping when I get home.

My friend promises to either bring me a premade electrolyte drink, or bring me the ingredients. I am beyond thrilled. When I arrive home, sure enough it doesn't take long before my phone goes off that she is on the way ingredients in hand. By some accounts, this would break a long fast. I didn't care anymore. I just wanted to feel better. When she arrives she has an acid reflux pill in tow as well. This is what love is. Knowing your friend is suffering and being there to make them feel alive again with a goody bag. I slowly make my way back up 4 flights of stairs clinging to the hand rail with my goody bag. I'm excited to make the drink.

It is apple cider vinegar, cream of tartar, Himalayan pink salt, and the juice of one lime, then fill the glass the rest of the way with water. It sounds disgusting, but tastes like heaven. It takes me nearly 5 hours to consume the drink with how temperamental my stomach is. Between the acid reflux pill and the drink though - I am suddenly feeling full of life again. I must have flushed all my electrolytes out. It's the only thing I can imagine. I'm slightly sad that this is technically breaking my fast. The lime juice in a medium lime equates nutritionally to 7 calories, and 2-4 carbs. Even being small and watered down it can wake the stomach up.

I hope I am not starting over and losing my healing benefits. There was no way I could've continued forward with my current state though. I will know if it woke my digestion system up by tomorrow. For now I'll keep my fingers crossed that it somehow was a miracle and didn't wake the sleeping tummy up.

Day 14 - (weight 250.4lbs) The electrolyte drink truly did change my world. The orange on my tongue has finally faded, but there is still a nasty white fuzziness that comes back even after brushing. I have a brunch to attend, thankfully with people that are totally respectful of my fast.

I get myself ready and head out, knowing my fasting buddy will be at this brunch as well. I can't wait to tell her about how the drink helped me. I can't help but wonder if it woke my digestive system up, since my stomach is especially rumbly today. I do hope that isn't the case.

When I arrive I end up explaining why I'm fasting. The entire condo smells like cinnamon rolls, my favorite and a weak point from one of the earlier fasting days. Why cinnamon rolls? I'm unsure. Once everything is ready I drag my bento box out and fill it with everything. There's a vegan egg casserole, cinnamon rolls, some sort of spiced bread/cake, carrot cake, cookies, waffles, and fruit. I get a healthy helping of each and tuck my box away to freeze. I truly am becoming a hoarder.

I'm revitalized by the conversation about creative writing, and meeting a self-published author truly reassures me. I drill him about his struggles and then network with him. We all decide to get together for a creative writing session soon. Truly, fasting has allowed me to reach into the depths of my social anxiety and put aside the fears. I am able to communicate openly and authentically. It's really becoming something that I don't want to lose after the fast. I'm unsure why my anxiety and depression mysteriously disappeared, but I'm thrilled about it.

The energy surge I've had truly indicates how last night's electrolyte drink rejuvenated me. I would've opted to skip everything today otherwise, out of fatigue and lack of energy. It feels so good to socialize and be out of the house though.

As I'm laying down now I have a weird pain along the side of my right leg that I seem to notice progressing the last couple of days. It feels like a nerve, but I'm unsure of the origin or why. It is definitely irritated. I have to wonder if this is an old sports injury that my body is suddenly working to repair. Only time will tell.

Day 15 - Today has been an insane struggle. I ended up with a nasty bit of nausea all day, which seems to be a continuing theme this week. While I haven't actually vomited, it's been a persistent threat from my stomach. No real changes in anything externally to my knowledge, same nasty mouth taste and fatigue.

I stopped at a gas station to pick up water with added electrolytes before heading to my sister's place. I spent the day there and ended up smoking which was a first for me. Within 10 minutes my nausea went away. It was amazing how quickly it worked. Unfortunately it was followed by intense munchies desires. My sister and her friend indulged in my absolute favorite snack - goat/sheep cheese blend soaked in olive oil with herbs and some crackers. I was very sad I couldn't partake, but my sister promised to buy me 2 jars of the cheese after my fast. That did make me feel better.

I knew tomorrow was a work day so I went ahead and decided to go to bed early, so I left my sister's after several hours of watching cooking specials together and returned home. My sleep has gotten better since I've moved into my second week, I noticed that I struggled with sleep a lot the first week comparatively.

Day 16 - (weight 248.3lbs) My boyfriend didn't have time to walk the dogs this morning and neither did I. I walked them in a hurry which was the largest mistake I've made during this fast. I rushed up the stairs and ended up sitting in the bathroom dry heaving for several minutes. So much for being at work early. I figured a few minutes late wouldn't kill me, so I allowed the dry heaving spell to subside before grabbing my things.

In my panic, I didn't even remember to crate the one mischievous dog we have. Thankfully she didn't destroy anything today.

I was ill all day at work, the nausea never really went away, and I tried to distract myself by thinking about a grocery list and meal plan week for after my fast (and after the reintroduction period of course.) I've gotten obsessed with food, so it's really all I think about. I tried digging into why that is, and all I can come up with is that it's one of the few coping mechanisms I have for stress, as well as an indulgence that I enjoy. I just want a taco night with all fresh ingredients, and I can't wait to do it.

Again, off to another early night's sleep, as it seemed sleep is the only way to properly combat nausea. My entries have been short here and I feel somewhat bad for that, but my days have also been uneventful with little change, and short due to the insane amount of hours I sleep. Onward to 17.

Day 17 - (weight 246.9lbs) I battled the same nausea today to a lesser degree, took anti-acid pill twice today to put things to rest. Definitely able to consume more water which is a good sign, I think I'm moving towards the end of my healing crisis, whatever it may have been. I'm not nearly as fatigued and was quite a bit more interactive with coworkers as well as customers.

I remembered only a few hours ago that I actually have anti-nausea pills in my cabinet from when I came back from Egypt and was sick- I'm definitely going to take some tomorrow if I continue to be nauseated tomorrow.

It was another short day where I basically accomplished work and came home to rest. I have come to the point that the majority of my days are spent resting outside of my work hours.

What's interesting to me is that my food cravings have changed drastically. Rather than wanting deep fried oily foods that I would typically overindulge in, I am very interested in fresh vegetables and natural high fat foods such as avocados. I think this may signify my addiction to bad foods has been broken.

Day 18 - (weight 245.5lbs) Now that I knew about my anti-nausea pills, I knew it was going to be a better day. I woke up and took one immediately and felt fairly normal for the first time since starting this fast. Most of the day I kept electrolyte water near me and that was the majority of my intake. Again my boyfriend has been so supportive in supplying these things for me.

Work went off without a hitch, when I felt the small bit of nausea returning I took another pill and no more issues since. We even went grocery shopping for the first time in nearly 6 months. We've been ordering delivery for so long because my anxiety doesn't allow me to handle stores well.

I got all the staples - condiments and sauces and canned goods necessary to create my after-fast menu that I've cooked up. I even whipped up a batch of Mexican-restaurant style rice for my boyfriend. He said it turned out perfect and loved it, and I really only put 4 ingredients in. To be honest, I didn't think it would work but it smelled remarkable and he thought it tasted amazing.

On the health front, I pulled a tube of skin out of my left ear with tweezers which was incredibly weird and unheard of for me. I'd never seen anything like it. My only thought was that perhaps it's the remnants of dead skin from my ear infection in Egypt. It had been sitting in the back of my ear canal all this time and somehow finally worked it's way far enough forward that I investigated with tweezers when I heard a papery sound while scratching my ear. Not sure if this is particular because of the fast or not, but amazing regardless. The tube was about a half inch long.

Bad breath per the usual, and weird taste in mouth but less metallic today. It was an improvement at least. I think this is a sign that the healing crisis is coming to an end. I'm crossing my fingers - what will tomorrow hold?

To be continued..


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