Water Fasting Journals Day 19-25

If you haven't taken a look yet, I suggest reading my prior posts regarding this water fast. You can find the first post with day 1-10 as well as information and links about fasting here. You can find my journals for day 11-18 here. This is a continuation of my series.

Day 19 - I regret that there is not much to advise about this day, given that I slept through the majority of it. The only notable thing I feel worthy of report is that the nausea has continually grown worse and is no longer workable with the pill I was using.

Day 20 - At the mark of 20 straight days, I broke fast. I did so out of plan and with no regards to everything I'd heard about what to eat. It was foolish and could've hurt me and I'm grateful it didn't. I got a caeser salad and chewed everything thoroughly before swallowing. I ate a little over 1/4 of the salad. The nausea went away nearly immediately and while I was unhappy to have broken, I was relieved the nausea was gone.

Day 1 Post Fast - (weight 244.lbs) I picked at the remainder of my salad all morning, followed by similar over-chewing and slow eating of a gyro. I followed this by being really dumb and eating cole slaw and macaroni and cheese from KFC. Lord, this spiraled out of control quickly. I'm shocked that there is no repercussions for this from my stomach. At first I assumed it was because my stomach was asleep, but it seems to be responding to everything albeit feeling very heavy all day.

Day 2 Post Fast - My sister held a New Years dinner gathering, which turned into more food for me. I made cornbread and ate that along with black eyed peas and a chicken tender. My stomach was more happy with this meal than any others and I can only imagine that is because it wasn't greasy awfulness. I really misbehaved before.

Day 3 Post Fast/Re-fasting attempt - I was going to attempt to restart my fast, but ended up only making 24 hours in before I wanted to eat more bad food. Struggling once again with that fast food addiction, it doesn't seem like 20 days was enough to break that, though I had thought it would be.

Fast #2 Day 1 - Fairly easy going day. I was able to complete work well while feeling energetic My body is utilizing all the carb loading from the last few days for energy. Although more greasy fast food was a temptation today, it was not nearly as strong as yesterday and I am feeling rather peaceful. I do hope that I can return to the autophagy of the previous fast easily enough. Hopefully it picks up nearly where it left off, without all the extra work of last time?

Fast #2 Day 2 -

...to be continued next week


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