USA - West Hartford Reservoir

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The West Hartford Reservoir is without a doubt one of the easiest ways to experience nature while barely leaving the city to get to it. It is owned by the MDC and is therefore not public access, but the MDC allows public access. Due to this, please follow all rules posted if you enter. The area covers 3000 acres and has various lengths of track and trail to keep you busy no matter your hiking level.

The reservoirs are the water supply for the area, so there is no swimming or kayaking allowed.

It has lovely scenery and you'll often find people photographing the area while you shuffle along.

During the winter, parts of the reservoirs and sometimes the whole thing will be frozen over, it's really a sight to see.

There's many places to stop and sit, enjoying the view. The easier trail is only a bit over 3 miles long, and is fairly flat - perfect for a leisurely stroll.

If you're looking for something a little lengthier, there are wooded trails marked all over the map to peruse through.

Some of the trails even connect into Talcott Mountain, where Heublin Tower sits. You can even see the tower peeking over the tree line.

West HFD Reservoir tips:

-Parking is free, at either public entrance
-There are trash receptacles along the red loops
-Bathrooms are available near the parking lots
-Dogs allowed, leashed
-Bicycle lanes in some parts, check map
-Hours sunrise-sunset year round
-No water spigot/fountain
-No swimming/kayaking


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