USA - New Haven Cherry Blossom Festival

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It has been raining non stop for what seems like weeks on end. I've been limited on where I can visit and what I can do, and it's been tough. I don't like feeling like I'm a chicken in a coop. I was thrilled when I checked the page for the Cherry Blossom Festival in New Haven, CT and found that they were still on despite the rain.

Dogs packed up and umbrella handy to combat the rain, I was driven to the festival. It was beyond worth it. We picked up a map and picked the food we wanted to try as well as the areas to visit. I knew I wanted to go see all the tables set up for the pet area.. but I also knew I wanted to hit up that cheese truck and a shish-kabab hotdog!

3$ for a giant one! This is an unbelievable deal! We went back for a second one, couldn't resist!

The dogs loved the pet area. We found many home made treats with fresh ingredients, even gluten free options for dogs with allergies.

We tested many treats to discover which ones were the favorites for both girls..

I'll spoil it for you - there were no bad treats! We moved along to a table by a local vet's office and were given some cool freebies...

It was a lot of fun, although I must admit I was a little sad that the cherry blossom trees had already cast their blossom down. I blame all the torrential downfall of rain.

I didn't stick around for the actual concert part of the events, which is really a shame- but we were nice and damp and the dogs were growing bored of the weather (I have such finicky and diva-like pups) so we headed back home. I highly recommend this festival despite that. You can't beat free parking, free entry, and free entertainment along with cheap food! Both dogs were tuckered out on the ride home..

Things to note about the festival:

-It happens around April/May each year, you can find updates here.
-Dogs welcome, leash and pick up after your dog.
-Trash receptacles are abundant
-Water fountain towards the center of the park
-Some food trucks are cash only, or have a minimum to use cards.
-Free entry to festival
-Mostly free parking, in designated lots or on streets nearby


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