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When we are afraid of where the path leads...

I am moving back to Tennessee at the end of May.
I have been going through a tremendous death cycle in my life since June, and it is leading me back to where everything began.
It is hard to imagine walking away from this beautiful life I crafted for myself up here. The support network, church family, friends, and everything I have worked so hard for.
Unfortunately the universe has made it clear that my time here is over for now. It's time to go back and complete the circle.
I am terrified, afraid of giving up everything I worked for. Devastated to watch a field of flowers I planted wither and die out before my eyes. I do not know what the future holds, but I know that in order to do big things, to chase the dreams that have arisen, and to continue being authentic to my own deepest desires, I need to go home.
Part of running away was my attempt to abandon trauma. I thought I could outrun it. It was necessary for the universe to lead me here. I would never have healed past the atrocities…

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