New Orleans, Greece, and other goodies. ..

Hello my loves.

It's been quiet around here, and I feel that I owe an explanation as well as an idea of what's in the works.

I have returned from New Orleans, and you are in store for a real treat. I have information on flying with your trained service dog (which will also benefit those with an ESA, which is an untrained pet). I'm going to whip up a post just on that, as well as my thoughts on one section of NOLA you could spend your weekend in.

I'm heading to Greece on Thursday evening, and planning to truly dive into myself and find out both what I feel my calling is, and how I can get there. I am going to make some videos while in Greece, which will give us a slightly new flavor for the blog.
During this transition, the blog will be quiet until I return. I am optimistic in my hopes to have a post for you to peruse by the following Friday that I return, June 14th.


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