Haystack Mountain State Park

This post is part of the CT bucket list

When I went to the retreat in Greece I was blessed enough to meet two other girls that lived near me. Ally specifically lived an hour from me. We decided we would do hiking trips together. I sent her a list of places I wanted to go, and she picked from there. We settled on Haystack Mountain.

There are plenty of places to park, we never made it to the designated lot as we pulled off next to the trail, there was another car that had done this so it seemed like it may be allowed.

We immediately set out. I had printed a trail map and it definitely came in handy. Parts of the trail that were supposed to be blazed were so overgrown we questioned whether we'd wondered off the trail or not.


Other parts were very clearly a trail, steps and all. Our dogs were great sports about the modeling.


There is a tower at the top, with the story behind it as well as the elevation on a sign. Basically someone told a Connecticut man that something wasn't plausible and he proved them wrong. He built a tower with spectacular views.


It is dark inside even with the windows, but it's not so dark that you can't see. There is a very steep trail upwards, but there's also a more gradual trail that slopes up if you aren't up for the incline. I had to stop to catch my breath and I was definitely breaking a sweat, but we wanted our selfie.


So we got it, sweaty and tired and all! We took the slope down, part of that trail has overgrown so a map will help you stay on track, they provide a MAP HERE. I suggest printing/downloading and bringing with you.

You will find a lot of mountain laurel all over this trail. It's really lovely in bloom. This hike is truly beautiful and you should give it a try, the tower views alone are worth it!


Things to note:

-Points of interest: Tower at the top, great views.
-There are no trash receptacles, bring out what you bring in to keep this park beautiful.
-Plenty of free parking
-No entry fee
-Bathrooms at parking lot on map
-Hand pump available and marked on map
-Dogs allowed, keep leashed


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