Why you should go to Koufonisia

So now you've heard of Koufonisia - but do you know why you should go to this magical set of islands in the Cyclades of Greece?

The island is still relatively unknown

Koufonisia consists of three islands -Pano/Ano, Kato, and Keros.
Keros is an archeology site, off limits to public.
Kato is mostly uninhabited, what was once a camp site haven.
Pano/Ano is a charming island of about 400 inhabitants. There was no reliable public ferry until a few years ago so it is largely undiscovered by the tourist industry yet.

Pristine beaches, crystal clear waters, and a total disconnect from the city life that many of us live
This truly needs no further description, but the Aegean sea is stunning, and the beaches on Pano and Kato Koufonisia look like they should be populated by sirens. Most of the time you can find an empty beach, or several, for you to lounge around like a sun bathing lioness.

The entire island is walkable
Total square mileage of the island is about 2. Taxis exist if you prefer, but walking is part of the joy of being on this island. No rush to be anywhere, nothing but the sea calling you.

Nudity is the norm
On the beaches you can feel free to work on a tan without tan lines, or body shaming/judgment. Ask me how this chubby Leo knows ;)

Mud caves
Boasting the best spa treatment of velvety soft mud you can imagine. Slather yourself up, lay out and bake, and then rinse off in the cleansing salty waters. Your skin will be glowing.

A beach front restaurant (and many others in the town)
Kalfego has dishes that really could be Michelin star labeled. The recommendation to visit there came from our own private chef, with his own restaurant in Athens. He couldn't speak highly enough of them. When Ali and I tried it out, we were amazed by how delicious it was!

A village with so much charm
Full of boutique style hand made items. You'll find jewelry, clothing, gelato, restaurants, and markets to suit any needs. I do recommend having everything you need before you arrive though, as supplies are going to be limited for things like hygiene items.

Boat tours
Tour the majestic surrounding islands, best beaches, and the sparkling sea in between. At the same pier the ferry will drop you at, you will be able to find some charter boats. It is well worth the investment, trust me.

What are you waiting for?
Koufonisia is calling you, answer her and wrap yourself in her beauty.


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