Changeling Queen - novel available in June 2021

Changeling Queen available June 2021 -

Altare grew up in the northern districts most of his life. Work comes easy for a slayer - follow the trail of the monsters and there will be money. Normal folk don't have the training or equipment to hold them back from overrunning the city. Altare's specialty in destroying entire hives of monsters keeps him busy. His more monotonous duties require protecting the town salvager on trips out into the desert. His whole world changes the day he finds a young woman in the wreckage of a canyon during a salvage trip.

Etheria just wants a sense of normalcy as life has been anything but that. Living with slayers isn't a cake walk though. Changelings are everywhere, and growing in number.. Almost as though a queen has created a nest nearby. Both slayers have vastly different beliefs about the monsters. With her allegiance torn between these two men, how does she choose who to trust?


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